Aphrodite – “Aphrodite, Queen of Lust”

The origins of the goddess of erotic desire in both the mythology and religious practice of the ancient Greeks is, typically, a matter of conflicting accounts and theories. Many suppose that Aphrodite is related, even etymologically, to her counterpart in Mesopotamia, namely the patroness of love and war Ishtar aka Astarte and Innana. Given the […]

Immaculate – “Cross of Nero”

Day 5 of 6(66) Days of Nero. The Swedish speed/thrash metal band Immaculate open their 2010 album Atheist Crusade with this track, which combines much of the events of Nero’s reign we’ve seen previously treated by metal bands: matricide, depraved tyranny, arson, and anti-Christian persecution. The phrase “Cross of Nero” itself may refer either to […]

Bewitcher – “Rome Is on Fire”

Track 1 of our 6(66) Days of Nero. This song by the American blackened speed metal band Bewitcher is burning hot off the presses, part of their 2019 sophomore album Under the Witching Cross released earlier this year. In the year 64 CE, the Roman emperor Nero was celebrating the tenth year of his reign […]