Pegazus – “Pegasus”

Offspring of the horse-god Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa, the winged horse Pegasus is one of the most recognizable and iconic creatures in Greek mythology, yet the stallion’s actual role in the traditional stories is often misapprehended. Contrary to what the creative license of films such as Clash of the Titans and Disney’s Hercules would […]

Wotan – “Vae Victis”

In 390 BCE, before the Romans fully developed into an invincible military machine that steamrolled across the Mediterranean and beyond, they got a foretaste of the very medicine they would administer to countless cities. Their own city was captured by an enemy army, pillaged, and burned. 800 years before the Visigoths would get the next […]

Midnight Force – “Alesia Falls”

We reflect on the legacy of the Roman general, dictator, and would-be king Gaius Julius Caesar. As a military strategist and charismatic leader of men he is arguably outmatched only by Alexander himself. In his career as a general in foreign and civil wars he was virtually undefeated. Those victories, however, came at a great […]

Agatus – “The Weaving Fates”

The role of fate, of the destiny of mortals divinely predetermined, is an essential feature of the epic and tragic tales of classical myth and literature. In ancient Greek, there are a handful of terms to express the concept of Fate: Aisa, Heimarmene, and Moira. All three basically contain the idea of “apportionment” or “allotment.” […]

Wrathblade – “Submersion”

It is a strange thing that the Greek sea god Poseidon is somewhat underrepresented in classically inspired metal songs. Often he is incidental to narratives of the hero Odysseus, but not often is Zeus’ blue-maned, trident-wielding brother the main character. Poseidon is not only lord of the sea, but he is also the “earthshaker” with […]

Ironsword – “Legions”

The Iberian peninsula, comprising modern-day Portugal and Spain, was one of the hardest won provinces of the Roman Empire. Having taken over Carthage’s territory on the southeastern coast after defeating Hannibal’s forces in the Second Punic War (218-201 BCE), it took the Romans almost two centuries to fully pacify these rugged lands and their indomitable […]

Legionnaire – “Olympian Aegis”

The Finnish heavy metal band┬áLegionnaire┬áreleased their debut full-length Dawn of Genesis in 2017. Closing out the album in “epic” fashion, the track “Olympian Aegis” is delivered from the perspective of the Greek hero Odysseus, as a prayer to Zeus for his deliverance from his seven years of sex-slavery on the island of the nymph Calypso. […]

Angel Witch – “Gorgon”

Next in our series of songs about Medusa is “Gorgon” by the British heavy metal band Angel Witch. Like Attacker’s “Armor of the Gods” (see previous post), this song takes on the original Greek myth by way of its adaptation in modern cinema. Instead of “Clash of the Titans,” here we look further back to […]