Vultures Vengeance – “Into the Cave”

The Italian heavy metal band Vultures Vengeance recently dropped their debut LP The Knightlore. Be sure to check it out, but today we look back a year at a song from their 2018 EP Lyrids: Warning from the Reign of the Untold.

While the gods and generals of myth and history dominate metal’s classical reception, a handful of tracks are out there geared toward the philosophical legacy of Greek antiquity. A couple months back we examined the Gamma Ray song “The Cave Principle” from back in 1993. Today we look at another more recent ode to that timeless allegory, the Cave of Book 7 of Plato’s Republic. Through the mouthpiece of his mentor Socrates, Plato presents an ever adaptable analogy for the process of seeing the world through new eyes after undergoing some form of education nominally designed to free the mind and let one think for oneself. Call it “becoming woke” or putting on the magic glasses in the film “They Live.” It is the liberation from the delusions of any system of belief or morality, to see how reality truly functions, in terms of both the natural mechanisms that drive reality and the human mechanisms that attempt to manipulate our perception of it.

Picture yourself sitting in a cave all your life. You’re shackled there and can only face forward as shadows are cast on the wall by a fire and a parade of shadow-puppets offers you the only reality you’ve ever experienced. Suddenly you’re unchained and encouraged to turn around and not only see the truth of the deception, but undertake the steep climb out of the cave to see the real world illuminated not by an artificial fire, but the sun. The process is painful, and even more pain may come when one tries to descend back into the cave to liberate more prisoners. They simply refuse to believe in the whole charade. But as arduous the ascent and isolating the new perception is, most would still prefer it over persisting in their illusions (the Matrix, which is a massive sci-fi extension of the allegory, meditates on the choice of the blue or red pill).

Vultures Vengeance demonstrate how readily applicable Plato’s Cave allegory is to the general heavy metal aesthetic, that of asserting one’s individuality in the face of popular dogmas and moral codes, even at the cost of one’s sense of belonging.

Trapped Here
For so many years
Linkless chains enslave my mind
Like a dream
Shadows fed
By illusions and weak beliefs
Human beings in slow decay
Reassured by their own chains

‘Cause Mankind lives
Into the Cave
Mankind lives
Into the Cave

But now that I’m free
My mind is Clear
I’ve killed illusion and murdered the dream
With golden eyes
I see life
I will give eyesight to the blind
But they will not follow me
You will not follow me

‘Cause Mankind lives
Into the Cave
Mankind lives
Into the Cave

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