Aborym – “Roma Divina Urbs”

According to legend a man named Romulus, the son of the war-god Mars and the Vestal virgin Rhea Silvia, founded the city of Rome on the Palatine Hill in 753 BCE. Romulus gained the right to found and rule the new city in his own name after a power struggle with his twin brother Remus, which resulted in the latter’s death. Inaugurating his rule in fratricide, Romulus reigned as king for 38 years of brutal conquests until he was either assassinated by the Senate for degenerating into a tyrant, or had ascended to heaven as a new god. Dispute over the nature and morality of the beginning, middle, and end of the founder’s reign persisted through the subsequent history of the Romans. He embodied simultaneously the best and worst aspects of the Romans’ national character.

Seven centuries after Romulus’ foundation (as the Romans at the time reckoned), the inhabitants of that original tiny settlement on the Palatine Hill found themselves in possession of what they believed was most of the world and the majority of the human population. By then, many had come to believe that the gods had ordained that the Romans would, and should bring eternal peace, law, and order to the world. As Vergil wrote in the Aeneid, Jupiter “gave them an empire without limit” (imperium sine fine dedi). This limit was neither in space or time, and even as the Roman Empire declined in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries CE, few imagined that there would ever be a time when the city of Rome no longer ruled the world. Even after the Western Empire fell by the end of the 400s, the city of Rome remained as the Eternal City, never itself to perish. During the Middle Ages, its new rulers the Catholic Popes saw themselves as continuing the universal rule of the Empire, though their rule was over the souls rather than bodies of the world.

Yet not everyone, especially today, equates the rule of Catholic Church with the domination and glory of ancient Rome. This is certainly true of many Italian metal bands, such as the industrial black metal band Aborym. On their 1999 debut Kali Yuga Bizarre, they include this anthem to their capital city. The song is a fantasy that sees the destruction of the Catholic Church as the necessary condition for Rome to rise again to its former imperial glory. Rising from beneath the Earth, Satan will triumph over the faithful and establish himself as a new Roman emperor. With his accession will come the restoration of many of the city’s pagan cults, such as that of Mithras, Sol Invictus, and Magna Mater. These are the gods that grant Rome its true immortality, and make Rome truly a ‘divine city’ (divina urbs). Whereas the Christian god had overseen the city’s decline into ruin, the old gods, in alliance with Satan, will restore its true ecumenical dominion.

Standing near the great river
The italic Goddess of Death will press
The white father will be taken and imprisoned
Castle and palace will burn 

The reign will last six thousand years
Then it will be destroyed
Two thousands years were vain, two thousands years were law
And two thousands will be malignant

Roma Divina Urbs – you’ll be the light for us
Roma Divina Urbs – your sign we always await

Here we’ll receive the king-destroyer, the Antichrist
Satan will free from stumps, ‘cause one thousand years were completed
In your vales we’ll raise the throne, to your honour we’ll fight
Moist with myrtles, laurels and big beeches you will rise again

Roma Divina Urbs – cage of the hateful bird
Roma Divina Urbs – den of every impure spirits

You are the Hunger – brought by the starvings
We are the devourers – and mean is our presence
You are the naked death – soaked in the human soul
Reflected like the moon – dying in the oceans

Here will shine the cult of Mithra
The ancient knowledge of the great wiseman
The cult of the sun will become yours again
O Magna Mater, in your honour the virgins will bleed

After the seven doors, the Solemn Agape… the fleshes…

accendi il tuo viso di furia guerriera
S’innalzino palazzi dorati che raggiungano il cielo
Si rubi l’acqua ai fiumi
trasformando in mare quel c’era terra
e si rovesci l’ordine della natura
infragendo ogni legge
Alla gente non rimangono che le armi
perché la violenza restituisce 
ciò che si é speso nel vizio
E chi può ridestare dal torpore Roma
sommersa nel fango e addormentata
se non il furore della guerra e la pazzia omicida!
Già sento risuonare il fragore delle armi
e vedo o Nilo le tue sponde che gemono
e il porto di Azio impaurito dalle Saette di Apollo
e nella strage pallida Tisifone 
ti divertirai a leccare le ferite
Il mondo intero sta per cadere a pezzi
frà le ombre della Stige…..

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