Validor – “Son of Achilles”

Though the greatest warrior to fight in the Trojan War, Achilles was fated to die before he could see the city fall. As with Achilles’ dear companion Patroclus before him, the archer god Apollo was instrumental in Achilles’ own demise, guiding Paris’ arrow through his mortal heel. But as Achilles avenged Patroclus, so another would step in to avenge Achilles, his own son. While he is often called Pyrrhus, other sources refer to him as Neoptolemus, which, fittingly, is Greek for “new war” or “new warrior”. Raised on the island of Scyros where Achilles had left him with his mother Deidamia as he set off for the ten-year war, Neoptolemus came to Troy ready for revenge. The Roman epic poet Vergil describes the young warrior’s rampage through the burning city after hitching a ride on the Trojan Horse. He hacks his way into the royal palace and through scores of guards, “raging with slaughter,” then delivers the death blow to King Priam. Mission accomplished.

The Greek power metal band Validor opens their 2012 album Dawn of the Avenger with a song told from the perspective of the young warrior as he brings the Trojan War to its conclusion. Neoptolemus reincarnates the wrath of his father and prays that Zeus will lend him his thunder and “take me to the sky” as he becomes immortal through the eternal memory of his mighty deeds. Validor captures the spirit of a true Homeric warrior, even recalling Homer’s frequent similes that compare these Hellenic berserkers to carnivorous beasts among a helpless flock, in a scene of invincible valor that the Greeks called an ‘aristeia’:

“Into the battle I am the lion
And like the lion I am pure blood and fire
I am the one, the one that cannot die
I will bring war upon your mortal lives.”

Onward into blood and fire for those who died
Thunder and steel my hammer is my guide
Immortal son, I am the fire king
After this war in triumph I will sing

“Now hold your sword high avenger
The final war soon will come
And then the fate of this earth
Will be on your hands”

Smell with the wind great battles in the sky
Listen to the raven, will teach you how to fly
Fly into the night upon the darkest winds
And drink the blood of vengeance
For it’s the blood of kings

My fallen brothers
I lead your dream
I swear to our fathers
The Troy will burn by steel

Into the battle I am the lion
And like the lion I am pure blood and fire
I am the one, the one that cannot die
I will bring war upon your mortal lives

Against you all I have no fear
Achilles wrath upon my burning steel
Almighty Zeus now hear my battle cry
Grant me your thunder
And take me to the sky

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